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    Formatting SD Card

      I purchased a Kingston 32 GB microSD card for my Nook Color.  When I insert it and reboot my NC, I get this message:

           ! SD card format required
           This memory card is unrecognized and
            needs to be formatted

           Cancel     Format Now

      When I press "Format Now" I hear a tone and the same message appears.  When I press "Cancel", it goes away and I see a notification symbol on the bottom left of the screen.  Pressing it brings up this notice:

           Damaged SD card
           SD card damaged.  You may have to reformat it.

      If I attach my Nook to my PC and check the properties of the H: drive, it appears to be a functioning 32 GB removeable drive as far as my PC is concerned.  I note, however, that the card is formatted as a FAT drive.  According to the User Manual, the NC needs a FAT32 drive.  (My NC's "drive", G:, is FAT32 according to the PC.)

      Can I format the SD card from my PC?  Or is there some way to force the NC to format it even though it doesn't like the format of the card it's seeing?  The User Guide (p. 87) says if the card is unformatted the NC is supposed to reformat the card as soon as it's inserted.  It doesn't say what to do if the card is already formatted but to something other than FAT32.


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          If you have an sd adapter (looks like an sd card but has a slot to put a micro sd card into it). Go ahead and try formating it on the computer at FAT32.


          If that doesn't work. The card could be defective. Or it could be a card the NC is quirky about. My camera doesn't like Kingston cards, but is fine with PNY or Sandisk. Sometimes it's just that way.


          Good luck, let us know if the computer format fixes it.

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            Mine does the same thing with a 32GB #4 MicroSD card from SanDisk.  I don't have a computer with XP on it however (I just have Windows 7).  Has anyone found a way to get it formatted through Windows 7?

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              I just tackled the same issue.  Formatted multiple time with windows then with SD Formatter with same results.  After trial and error I found the fix.

              A.  Boot device without the SD card

              B.  After boot, put the SD card in the Nook

              C.  Goto Settings, Device Info

              D.  Unmount SD card

              E.  Format SD card


              After that it works fine.  Hope this helps everyone.

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                I had this same issue with a 32GB PNY card in my Nook Simple Touch Glowlight (running 1.1.5).  The Nook simply could not recognize/format it... regardless of whether I booted up with the card inserted or put the card in after powering up.


                I took the card to my local B&N and had them try it in another Nook.  Same result.


                So, I went back to Best Buy and exchanged the card for a new one (same model).  Same result.


                While at Best Buy, I picked up an SD-to-USB interface for $11 so that I could attempt to format it on my PC (running Windows XP).  I downloaded the SD Formatter app that someone suggested in this thread and formatted the card.  Same result.


                My last hope was to use the Windows OS to format the card.  I selected FAT32 and formatted the card.  Result... SUCCESS!


                So, for me, the solution was to format the card with the Windows OS in FAT32 format.


                I hope that this saves someone from the tremendous amount of aggravation that this issued caused me.  :smileyhappy:


                Happy Reading!




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                  I am having simliar issues with my sd card. I have to format everytime I add a new book on there. It says error  dialog sorry can not open book. But if I format the sd card and put it back on again it works. I have a 32g card. What is the problem with this? Can any body help me. I shouldn't have to format every time a put a new book on here.