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    Battery Discharging

      I haven't had my Nook Color for that long, bought it brand new maybe 4-5 months ago. I hardly used it until a couple of months ago and the battery life was fine. I do not use wi-fi, or any other programs, I just read. I was able to get through a couple of days sometimes three without having to charge it (I would read a hour and a half to 2 hours a day). Lately (actually within in this last week) I've been having to charge it every night after reading for maybe 3-4 hours max. Then last night I charged it, (the green light was on when I pulled it off the charger this morning) and stuck it in my backpack. Well I didn't get a chance to use it all today and when I pulled it out earlier to start reading I was about 30 minutes into a book when I glanced down and noticed the battery was already in the red, 20 minutes later I get a power warning. Is there any reason my battery would be discharging while in sleep mode? I have wifi off, and can't think of anything else. I always carry it around with me in sleep mode and have never had the battery almost entirely drain in one day without using it all. Any ideas what this could be? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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          > I haven't had my Nook Color for that long, bought it brand new maybe 4-5 months ago. <


          Since they didn't start shipping until ~Nov16, that means they've been out less than 3 months.  But perhaps you've been enjoying yours so much that it just feels like 5 months.  :smileywink:


          There have been a couple other incidents repoted recently where a few NC owners had unusual experiences with their batteries in Sleep mode.  Which leads me to wonder if the updates have had any impact in that area. 


          But at this point, there's been no clear trends, or any significant number of folks reporting issues.  Something to keep an eye on though, and share here if you see a re-occurrance.


          - Mark



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              I've noticed that I can charge the battery to 100% and without using it at all, I find it's down to about 91% after a few hours.  I keep the WiFi turned off.  Is this normal?


              I've only had this for a few weeks.  It was an upgrade from the 1st edition Nook.