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    Book closes after 5 seconds

      This is the second book this has happened with. I'm half way through the book then it will only open for about 5 seconds then closes. These are popular non-PDF non-sideloaded books; just a regular book. I've deleted and repurchased multiple times as recommend by B&N. I even deregistered nookcolor before repurchase, starting completely fresh. B&N even sent me a replacement and same problem. I can read it on my iPhone or regular nook; at least for now. It will download the sample and work fine until purchase, then disappearing act begins. Is this maybe an anti-theft feature gone wrong maybe? This has been a problem since first week of release. Everything is updated. So frustrating! I even went into the B&N store where I purchased and no one had ever heard of this problem. I was going to purchase other Nooks for my family but not until this problem is fixed. Note: I did highlight quite a bit in both books. This most recent problem started during a series of power outages; not sure if there is any connection. IP address changing too randomly due to modem switching off and on too frequently maybe? Any suggestion welcome! Thanks in advance!
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          If the book itself is large then this is a known issues with books like bibles that are larger in size.  I discussed this at length with the support people and a support "supervisor".... I bought this device for the purpose of bible study and it can not handle larger books where in you highlight a lot which is exactly what I do with the bible and books for bible study...

          Anyway sorry to say but the official word from support when I called them was that the larger books are not supported by Nook Color, when I asked them why I could download they said that was an error... I don't agree with what they said but what am I to do ... I cannot open books that I paid for ... short of blocking the charges on my card I would have no recourse if I purchased this device at barnes and noble.. Thank goodness for Best Buy's extended warranty....


          My advise is to get either an IPAD or a Blackberry reader, next month, so that you have more memory to utilize when reading larger books.

          Take care and good luck!


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            I have the same problem you are describing and i highlight also

            A number of my books have started closing after 3-5 seconds and revert back to Read

            I am a B&N employee so i get to hear of any unusual things happening.

            No one else has ever had it happen - u are the first i heard

            I have tried everything including deregistering etc, talking to tech support...

            No one understands the problem

            I've come to the conclusion that it must have something to do with my highlighting somehow overloading something or other....so i've stopped all highlighting and tried to delete any highlighting i can. I don't think the nook can take mega highlighting. It seems to screw everything up

            it's hard to delete highlighting when u can't get back into that particular book because it closes

            if i find any fixes to it i will post

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              I've had the same exact problem with 2 of my books closing after2-3 seconds then reverting back to main screen on my NC. I do a  lot of highlighting and notes which seems to be the sole culprit. The size of the book seems to be irrelevant. I've deleted the two books and repurchased them but to no avail. Finally, after spending countless hours with tech support in the Phillippines and doemstically, I've decided to go easy on highlighting and notes and the problem has disappeared. i do miss highlithing and it would be nice to fix the problem or atleast let us know how much highlithing is TOO MUCH. Thanks

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                  This exact situation just ocurred to me!!! Extremely frustrating! I do a great deal of highlighting (at least one highlight per page) The notion that the Nook Color doesn't "support" large books is too insane to even contemplate. B&N better have a patch in the works because this is simply unacceptable to me.