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    Nook book costs more than THREE TIMES the cost of paperback

      Barnes and Noble has just lost my business. I just spent more than half an hour with their online "customer service" (is that an oxymoron?) chat when I tried to find out why they are selling a Nook book for $85 when I could buy a hard copy of the EXACT same title from the other big online book seller (named after a jungle) for a mere $27.53 (and that includes free shipping). After wasting too much time, the best that Barnes and Noble could do was tell me that the publishers are the ones who set the prices (oh really?) and that there are "differences" in prices between eBooks and hard copies (duh). In answering a complaint I filed with Barnes and Noble about the matter via e-mail, they had the audacity to state, 


      "However, Barnes and Noble does not control the pricing of eBooks. Publishers control the pricing of digital books. 


      "We are committed to offering these eBooks and ePeriodicals at a very competitive price. As per your request, we will be forwarding this information to the publisher for consideration and possible revision of the price. eBooks will continue to offer an extraordinary value versus most physical books."


      Well, Barnes and Noble's eBook prices are extraordinary - extraordinarily OBSCENE! Competitive? Maybe their employees are having a contest to see who can get to the unemployement lined the fastest. I just saved nearly SIXTY DOLLARS by ordering the hard copy from the jungle place and Barnes and Noble has just lost me as a customer.