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    WIFI setup

      Thought this might help some of the people having trbl. The following is for most routers.  


      **Write down current settings before you change anything so you can go back**


      Start by setting your router to OPEN to make sure Nook and router will connect.> On your PC that is hard wired to router open up browser(IE, Firefox, Chrome etc) type in the address bar.User name  for most routers is admin, Password is admin or password (you mite have to get this info from ISP).  Once you have the menu up you should have "Wireless" as a choice. clic it and then clic security.  Should be a drop down window that says WEP or WPA or WPA/PSK. clic here and select OPEN.  You can look around in the menus for MAC address to be sure that is disabled/off.  Once your router is set up as open you SHOULD be able to connect. If it works get bk into router and set up WPA/PSK and look for AES or tkip. (Mine is set for tkip but I have read here that tkip wont work and AES does) retry with the Nook.


      If you get your Nook to connect you will need to re connect your other devices using the new setup.


      This is not a sure thing. Dif routers will have dif settings and there is no fool proof way. If you know someone that is computer savy it may be best to ask for help. As stated in a few posts. Android based devices are primarily setup for 3G/4G connectivity and the wifi radio got little to no attention when designed. Your laptop, WII, PS3 etc were designed for easy wifi access so connecting is relativly easy..


      With patience you should be able to get it to work. Once you do, it will not take long for the pain and frustration to fade


      Any additions or corrections welcome




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          Didn't work.


          I have spent five hours on this now.  BN-this is a complete waste of time.  I have to return this!

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              Don't give up!


              I spent 4 days setting up my first WiFi system several years ago. That was during a July heat wave, no air conditioning and the router and the computer we were trying to connect 'wirelessly' were on different floor. I almost died of heat stroke but the frustration almost got me first before I got it to work. :smileymad:


              When that finally quit after a couple of years I vowed Never again.


              I fell in love with the Nookcolor when I saw it in the store and tried WIFI one last time. Went to Best Buy, asked for the "easiest to set up" router, and vowed to give it one chance. Joy of joys, its worked and has worked even since. Three Nook, a Netbook and two iPads and an iPhone when my sister the Apple um, ?nut?, comes over.


              If all else fails get a new router if possible. They are inexpensive now. That might solve you problem.

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                SAMPR wrote:

                Didn't work.


                I have spent five hours on this now.  BN-this is a complete waste of time.  I have to return this!

                Did you actually try tech support from the manufacture of your router? B&N can't possibly know the setup information for every router, switch or cable modem out there.


                Start with the OP instructions - set your router to no security. Work from there.


                I do IT support and the last person I tried to help diagnose a router problem finally brought me in their router to look at - and it was not a router at all it was a switch.


                Or as suggest - try a new router. If you haven't updated your router in a few years it probably needs to be done anyway.

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                  Don't dispair SAMPR.  Its true.  If your router is old you might need to replace it.  I bought a Cisco Valet router last fall when I had to replace my laptop.  I told the Best Buy, "Listen I have to set this system up myself so I need a router for dummies." He recommended the above and I now have 5 devices hooked up this.  Its a beautiful thing.

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                  Phone thank you for taking the time to post these instructions. I know nothing about how to set things up, so having an IT hubby has it advantages.