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    My Nook Color freezes and keeps on automatically restarting..

      Half the time, my Nook Color has this problem of freezing up (by that, I mean pressing on the screen nor pressing the hard button 'n' does nothing) and then, after a few seconds, it automatically restarts. This is very frustrating. I recently took my Nook Color on a vacation I just had, and I was not able to use it at all because of this problem. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with its battery level, since I charged it fully before using it!


      I read the release notes for Release 1.1.0, and it says it includes "General Bug Fixes". Does it include the fix for the problem I've just described? Does the Nook Color development team even know this and has this on their priority list? If not, I am very disappointed but I will surely be returning my Nook Color to the store until I hear of anything that addresses this problem!!!