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    Activity Wireless and com.android.settings problem. Please Help!

      So this morning I'm having trouble with my nook color. It won't scan for wireless networks, and obviously won't connect to any. The wireless is turning on and off all by itself when I view it in the wireless settings. I get two messages periodically. One is: "Activity wireless (in application settings) is not responding" with to options "wait" or "force close."  Pressing wait doesn't do anything. Pressing Force close just exits the wireless settings. But then I go bcak to wireless settings and its still the same. The other message i get is: "Application settings (in process com.android.settings) is not responding."  It gives me the same two options. Pressing wait does nothing. Pressing force close usually causes my unit to restart. If I press nothing on this message and just wait, my unit will all of a sudden restart by itself. I've tried restarting about 7 times. I dont know what to do, please help!