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      I've had nothing but problems with it. Every other product I have bought connects to my wireless network no problem. NOOK CONNECTS BUT NO INTERNET. Not worth the trouble and I'm not the only one with the problem. I've done all the thing they've wanted me to and it still doesn't work. Nook color is a $250 paper weight. Save yourself the trouble and buy the kindle. I'd return it but it was a gift.  I'll try to sell mine on craigslist.


      Update!  The only it will connect is at the B&N store. (that's how I got the update and registered it)


          Sorry your having such a bad experience.


          I went thru the WIFI issue with thoughts of returning the Nookcolor for the 1st month I had it.


          I searched WIFI on these boards and found lots of useful info. I got my connection issue resolved(it was in my router setup not the NC) and am glad I did not give up.


          I never really figured out what it was that fixed it. I am sure it was something simple that I missed when going thru my setup. 

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              I too, was having trouble trying to connect at home thru linksys, could only download at B & N,

              but called Linksys and was told it was probably the router, am buying new router and when recd will call them to have them help set up compters, NB, & HD TV.



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                  If you're having difficulties with a wireless router and ANY device, it doesn't matter if it's the nook, a laptop, netbook, tv, ps3, wii, etc., you should always try turning off security first.  One, it's a good idea to change your key from time to time, anyways.  Two, although there are standards for WEP and WPA(1/2), they don't always work well with others.


                  I've been providing support for wireless networks long enough to learn what devices tend to have difficulties, and while there are fewer now than there were several years ago, it does still happen.


                  Key tips for working with Wireless:


                  1) Check the manufacturer's website for a firmware update.  This is IMPORTANT and should always be updated if possible.  New security vulnerabilities and updated device compatibility are contained within the firmware for your router.


                  2) Turn off any and all encryption, if possible, set your device to "Factory Settings"


                  after you've done these two things, you may have to configure your wireless devices (laptops, wii, ps3, etc.) to not use encryption during your "testing phase."  DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT leave your wireless unencrypted.  Test your devices to see if they work without any security.  If they do, then start using some security.  Even if it's WEP that you use (since some devices don't support WPA if they are a little older), some security is better than none.


                  Start small with your security.  I suggest WEP 40bit, followed by WEP 64 or 128 bit.  Keep in mind that your WEP keys are going to be in hexadecimal (0-9, A-F), and they can be quite long as you choose higher encryptions.  Some devices let you use a "pass-phrase" to configure WEP (they encrypt your phrase into the hex key that you use on your other devices).  Keep in mind that not all devices encrypt their keys the same way, and this may cause some troubles.  Always type in the hex keys on your other devices after they are saved on your router.  This will save you a lot of troubles.


                  Finally, if you are going to purchase a new router, make sure you purchase one from a known brand.  The addage of "you get what you pay for" is especially true with wireless devices.  Cheaper devices do not typically have the range or the functionality of many of their slightly higher priced brethren.  You will also typically find higher compatibility between the better routers and most other devices.  Personally, I recommend staying away from any of the new linksys devices, especially those that have limited functionality if you do not use their configuration software.  Instead, Netgear and TrendNET routers seem to have better compatibility with more devices overall.


                  As always, this information comes from my personal experience in troubleshooting devices.  Please feel free to get the opinions of your friends, family, peers, local computer guys, and anyone else that would know better than some guy typing on a forum.



                  EDIT: I almost forgot, if your device doesn't connect on one wireless network, and it is portable, try it on another.  My personal favorite is to hit a local starbucks, b&n, cafe, or neighbor's house.  If it works there, I know the issue is with the wireless network I was on previously, not the device.

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                You must be doing something wrong.  Mines  been working fine and I would not buy a Kindle.The nook is a much better product

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                    Oh yeah the kindle and the NOOKcolor are similar products.  Give me a break.  Again.


                    Since the OP's NC connected with no trouble to BN's wifi, there is some issue with their own home network setup and not with the NC itself.  Again, for the 9 millionth time, no tech department related to a device can sort out all the issues every single user might face when trying to connect their home wifi to it.  There should be standards that all routers and modems adhere to and in truth there are, but the variety of standards is immense.  Compounded with customization so that they will work with a certain provider and/or the type of connection being made.  Also consider that many companies charge a fee to help you set up your equipment to work with your proprietary home network.  To its credit and to the credit of many individuals here on this site, many of the issues have been resolved.  But as I have said before, I have used my NC to connect to a myriad of wifi hotspots, some inadvertantly and not had one single problem.  I have a crappy router/modem with crappy DSL service since I am in a rural area at the far end of where DSL is even possible.  We have no cable service here.  So my crappy service is all that was available and still 2 NCs and 2 nooks connected easily and quickly and reliably.


                    One major possibility is also interference.  Another is a weak signal or one that is being used by a lot of other devices simultaneously.  Perhaps you haven't even secured your network and have "friends" accessing it thereby causing problems. 


                    Another that I have stated is the odd "my device just won't go online" problem.  I had this with a laptop that simply would not connect reliably to my wifi.  It would see the wifi, but not connect or connect and drop back out.  I picked up the laptop while it was on, took it to another room away from the wifi, it found the signal, connected quickly and has had no problems since.  It is odd, there's no good explanation.  For months it would not stay connected to the wifi, it would see it, but was a real PITA.



                    One can often judge the success of a product by the amount of new users-especially those suggesting no one buy it.

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                        Go into your configuration options of your router, change the security to WPA2 Personal or something similar, and it will work just fine.



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                          My take on this…

                          Nook Color

                          1. Color Tablet e-reader
                          2. Runs on an OS (Android 2.2) that is NOT meant for tablets.(Google emphatically says this!! And almost all tablets running on it have problems running sluggish etc etc etc etc)
                          3. Nook Color gets only eight hours of use with the Wi-Fi off and much less with it on.
                          4. The Nook Color is 15.8 ounces.
                          5. Can view almost any format.
                          6.  Drop survivability umm yeah right.


                          Nook Color Problems after almost 3 months

                          1. When plugged in is about unusable as it is so erratic. (Called customer service and spoke to some gentlemen in I guess India that says this is “NORMAL as they don’t have a fix for this at this time” his words.
                          2. After update 1.1 when my wife try’s to view the library it starts freaking out by flashing on and off like it’s stuck in a refresh loop. It’s a real pain to get it to stop…

                          Kindle 3

                          1. E ink "Pearl"   (A real E- reader)
                          2. Runs on some flavor of Linux that is VERY Stable
                          3. Single charge lasts up to one month with wireless off. Keep wireless always on and go for up to 10 days.
                          4. Kindle 3 about 8.5 ounces
                          5. Can view AZW, PDF, TXT, MOBI, PRC, AAX, AA, MP3; HTML, DOC, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP.(no Epub etc but I can use Calibre and the way I look at it I bought the book I can do what I want with it)
                          6. Drop survivability – excellent


                          Kindle 3 Problems after  almost 3 months

                          1. Not a single problem ever thus far.

                          People including me want a color E-reader but the nook color is a Tablet reader NOT and E-Reader…

                          Just because you put a book on it doesn’t make it a TRUE E-reader. That would mean my calculator, phone, TV, laptop, pc is real E-reader.   


                          So, I say they are very different devices. A kindle is to do what it was intended to do imitate a book in weight , text etc  etc with a few bells and whistles. A nook color is a tablet to read a book here and there I guess and surf the web which is exactly what my wife does with it as well as watch a few videos here and there. But for the money she should have waited for a true tablet with Android honeycomb on it although there is a port(hack) already for the nook color for honeycomb to make it more of a TRUE tablet but it is just come about and I guess everything works well but the audio… I guess who’s to say that when honeycomb is “Officially” out they will add APPS and make the Nook Color platform more stable…

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                          Umm the kindle is awesome... BUT it's like comparing apples to oranges really... and so far this nook color has been one problem or another.... now with this new update its freaking out my library when I try to view it.

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                          MarMack1117 wrote:
                          DON'T BUY THE NOOK COLOR....I'll try to sell mine on craigslist. 


                          You made me laugh! You should put that headline in your Craigslist post!


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                            I had problems at first and scoured the boards here.  Found some good tips on router configuration and fixed it.  Since the 1.1 release I have put my router configuration back to where it was and have had no issues at all.


                            I was frustrated at first but once I got connectivity working and my books on the device I have been very happy with it.  I also downloaded lots of ePub documents like the Federalist Papers, the US Constitution and others that were free.  The reason I went with the NC over a Kindle was the ability to read more formats than the proprietary Kindle format.

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                              I don't want to sound so negative... But really why are you posting  here?  Could your problem be of the human kind and not the NC.. It seems to me, you should just return the NC and go somewhere else. I for one LOVE my NC. It is exactly what I thought it was suppose to be.

                              Just saying!

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                                It has nothing to do with your Nook Color. It's not any different than bringing home a new printer and trying to get it to configure wirelessly. I got my NC about a month ago, and it immediately connected to my network on its own. But, I had already went into my Linksys router settings about a year prior so that my then-new printer could connect. Almost ALL routers are set up with secure settings by default. Call the router company, or research your routers settings. It isn't your Nook Color. :smileyindifferent:


                                *People who want the latest in electronics should be willing to do some simple research to learn how to use them.

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                                    Folks needn't be so hard on OP. He or she also posted this on the Nook GD forum and when last heard from this morning wasn't giving up. I hope he or she has found the list of working router configurations on the Nook Color forums.


                                    In truth, there are more incompatibilites in the Android WiFi implementation then I would like to see. As I have pointed out before, all Google approved devices also have 3G, so WiFi is a secondary connection.


                                    Another thing, the NC is not being sold as a Tablet, but as an eReader. I think peoples' expectations for ease of use are, quite reasonably, entirely different in these two cases.


                                    Early adopters buying tablets should expect to be at the bleeding edge.


                                    Folks buying an eReader are buying ease of use, and WiFi connectivity is part of that equation. Moreover, since B&N is trying to get additional revenue by selling books in that way, I think it is incumbent upon B&N to make sure the experience is as pleasant as possible.

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                                    I would buy your nook color. For what price would you sell it?

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                                      I purchased a Nook four days ago.  I went to this thread because I am having the same connectivity issues, I keep getting the same message that I am connected to my WiFi, but that the internet is not available.  My router is less than two years old.  If your Nook connected instantly to your home WiFi, good for you.  But understand that for those of us who are new to the Nook, it is extremely frustrating.  Over the last three days I have been told by BN customer service that it is a router issue, the router customer service told me it was a BN issue, the internet provider said they didn't know who's issue it was, but it was definitely not theirs.  When I tried to change my router settings as suggested in these posts I ended up spending an hour on the phone with Dell customer service so my laptop could connect again.  I'm going to keep trying to get it connected, but it should not be this difficult. 

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                                          Part of the problem is that different routers call the same thing by different names so it is hard to give exact advice. Moreover, routers have become so complex that to give a full specification for even one router would be longer than anyone wants to read.


                                          My general suggestion is to start by removing whatever settings you have for security.

                                          1) Turn on Broadcast SSID (sometimes called "visible")

                                          2) Turn off MAC address filtering

                                          3) Remove encryption (Often called "Open" or "None", i.e. not set to WEP or WAP)


                                          Then if you are still not connecting I would turn off 802.11n or 5Ghz. Some routers say this as only doing 802.11b and 802.11g.


                                          If any of this works, I'd then build up to what you want, 1 step at a time. In general, we've seen folks working with all sorts of settings, but I'd say the most consistent is WAP/AES for the encryption. Frankly, the other security settings (SSID, Mac Filtering) don't really matter much. Just pick a good passphrase.

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                                              Thank you for the advice, but I have no idea how to do any of the things you are suggesting.  How do I access my router settings so that I can make these changes?  Is it on the control panel, my computer, etc?

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                                                  You need the manual for your router. Go to the manufacturer's website. Under the support section, you probably can download a pdf of the manual. That's where I would start.


                                                  Every router is a bit different. Often you can get to the interface from your PC browser by typing into the URL "" (without the quotes). Yours may not work that way.


                                                  Good luck!

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                                              Let's see,

                                              I've used three different home routers without problems.

                                              I've conncected to three different hospital, medical clinic systems, no problem.

                                              I've connected to Mc Donalds and others, no problems.

                                              I've connected to wide area wifi, no problems.

                                              I've connected to three different motels, no problems.


                                              After using my NC since Nov. I would buy and use it even if the the wifi did not work, and I had to use the usb for everything.


                                              Let me repeat, I would buy and use a NC even if the wifi did not work. I like my NC and use it daily.



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                                                I live in the country and am hooked to the internet with a verizon wireless modem.  when I plug in the nook it goes grey black and says I can now download my books but I can't make it work or make the online download to the file to switch them over. 

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                                                    gretdame wrote:

                                                    I live in the country and am hooked to the internet with a verizon wireless modem.  when I plug in the nook it goes grey black and says I can now download my books but I can't make it work or make the online download to the file to switch them over. 


                                                    Are you talking about a nook or a NOOKcolor?  And what do you mean you can't "make the online download to the file to switch them over?"


                                                    Whichever device you have, do you have your online account set up correctly with BN?  Which means you need to have a credit card attached to the account and that must include a valid address attached to the credit card.  If not, you first need to get your account set up correctly.  I don't know if you have purchased books or are trying to download free ones.


                                                    And what are you talking about, about a Verizon wireless modem?  Are you using a portable hotspot like a mifi?  Or is this a usb modem?  What is the model number? 


                                                    And I assume you mean the screen does that when you are plugging into a wall outlet, not the computer. 


                                                    You really need to be more explicit on what you are trying to do.  Or it may be I'm just having trouble understanding.  I don't know.

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                                                    I am on  my 3rd NC and cannot connect this one to the Wi fi...grrrr  , so now I have over 300 dollars invested in a device that I cannot get to work and NOW cannot even get registered.  I contected Tec support and was told it was a Nook problem.  The first one connected fine but started freezing and other strange things skipping around in the book and highlighting areas I never touched.  I am going to go through the suggestions and try to work with my router and if this does not work I WANT MY MONEY BACK!   200 more dollars and I have an I pad. 


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                                                        As the NOOKcolor is a non-computer and non-phone device, you may need to change some settings on your internet managed routers.


                                                        1. Make sure your DCHP SSL is ENABLED


                                                        2. Make sure your Block Anonymous Requests is DISABLED


                                                        3. Make sure your Pass Phrase Security is OPEN and not Shared


                                                        This will not effect your internet or router security settings, it just allows for your router to recognize there is an alternate device attempting to connect to it.


                                                        I hope this helps!

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                                                         MarMack1117 = Troll?

                                                        You do the math.


                                                        Anyway. WiFi is complex and it may be your fault not NC that you can not connect.  Since you complain more then give facts ( Router, encryption, etc), this post is more suspect to the user than the unit.