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    A few Nook Color Tips

      Hi fellow Nook Color users,


      Just thought I'd pass along a few tips/things that I have learned since acquiring my Nook Color a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, this is nothing that you find in a Nook Color Manual or even an unofficial Nook Color guide that you download (learned that one the hard way!)  Don't get me wrong, the manuals are helpful for some things, but it leaves a lot out.  So here is my amateur attempt: 



      1) Create playlists to have nook color play more than one song at a time


      Found this out by accident, after selecting the music app or even accessing music from your folder (sd card or nook drive), hold your finger/stylus down for a few seconds on the song that you want to hear.  A menu will pop up (options: Play; Add to playlist; delete; or search).  Select add to playlist.  A new menu will pop up (options:  Current playlist; New).  Choose whichever option you like.  After creating the playlist, you can select the 'multiple lines' icon and select the playlist that you have created. 


      2) Place songs in the order that you want to have them played


      When you place your finger near the left or right side of the list of songs on the playlist or main song list, a little icon with multiple lines appears.  If you select a song when the icon appears and drag the song to another line, the song will move to that line.  So, if you have a song that is #2 on the list, you can select/hold that song and drag to line #4 for the song to play fourth in the list.  (Note, this is only for when you play songs in order, not using the play random icon.)


      3) Changing your web browser home page


      (B&N might not be too happy with this one, but I still frequent their page daily.) 

      At the top of the web browser screen, select the multiple lined icon in the far right hand corner.  A pop up window will appear.  Select "more options" and then "settings".  A list of different page content settings will appear.  (Feel free to change whatever you like; however, these instructions are for the web browser home page.)  Scroll down the page and select the "set home page" option and a pop up window will appear.  Type the website address in the pop up window that you want to set as your web home page. 


      4) Don't forget to properly eject your SD card


      Select "settings" from the main menu (arrow above n); select "device info"; "SD Card"; and then "unmount SD card".  Your nook color will make a "chime" sound and grey the first two options when your SD card is ready to remove.  (Dunno, just makes me feel good to do it this way before removing.)   


      Well, that's all of the tips that I'll share for today.  Till next time, happy nooking!!!!  :smileyvery-happy: