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    Downloading a Book

      MY BN library tells me that I can download 2 children books for free (Richard Scary's Colors and The Elephant Child).  When I click on the download button I get the following message on my Nook Color - "We are sorry,  this item is not yet supported on this device"  Huh????

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          The solution that has been mentioned on this board is to delete the two books from your B&N library (on the B&N website), and than to buy them again (both books are still free).

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            can not download a new ebook, purchased on B&N - paid for-  on my nookcolor. 
            get message: " unable to download  Internal Error: reader does not support available file type.
            HELP PLEASE

            no response from tech support and been on hold for 30 minutes.  do I actually have to go to the store, a 35 minute drive, to resolve this issue???