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    Need some help with a crazy Nookcolor!

      I received a NookColor for Christmas and was excited to finally have my books all in one place without having to take up more room on my shelves. Within 48 hours of putting my first book on it it began to highlight all of the words, proceed to look up the word, raise the tool bar over and over and over, scroll through the pages, close the book and pull up another, and then freeze until the battery died. I returned it to my local B&N store (They said they had never seen such a thing and that they are not having any problems with the nookcolors period) and received a new one with the latest update on it. Now not even 2 weeks later my new one is doing the same thing but 10x worse! I called support and they said to return it to the store AGAIN. Is anyone else having these problems or am I as crazy as my nookcolor? I'm almost convinced to return it and get a.....kindle :smileysad:

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          My sympathies for such a wacky experience. I haven't read every thread on the forum, but this is the wildest thing I heard to date. Have you made note of what you are doing or have done up to the point when it starts Happening? I have to admit, I have had no problems with functionality. Mine has worked great straight out of the box. I would just return for a new one and then start making note of what you are doing to see if maybe you can identify what is causing it to happen. I'm guessing you have done soft reboots to see if it will correct itself. I'm not an very experienced user, so I don't know much more than that to suggest.
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            My story is remarkably similar (Xmas present), though I've yet to return mine so no repeat performance. The highlighting/looking up/opening closing books/changing pages was a few days ago, and it stopped when I powered down and has not happened again. This morning, when I was on the library page, it kept asking me to change the wallpaper and zooming in and out on books on its own. I couldn't power down so I just shut my case and came back to it an hour or so later. Now it seems fine.


            I guess I'll take it back and try with a new one! 

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                My Nookcolor has been having these breakdowns, too, noticeably when I'm on the internet. Zooming in and out, flying around to different pages. I power off by holding the power button down, as I would on a computer. The last time I did that, it made no difference. When I got back to the internet, it started all over. I don't know if "crashing" it as I have been doing is the wisest thing, but I can't believe the activity is doing it any good.


                I'd appreciate some advice.

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                    I haven't experienced this, either, but the post about the water got me thinking. Early on, there were a number of posts about weirdness similar to this, and it seemed to be traced to a dirty screen (probably oily build up from our finger tips).


                    The oils build up on the screen, and eventually mess up its ability to accurately measure surface capacitance. The solution that worked for many people was to clean the screen completely and immediately apply a screen protector (like the ones sold at B&A). I've been using the one from B&A since I got my NC, and I only clean it occasionally. Hope this helps.