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    Catching up on new author/series question?

      Question: a lot of people seem to read more after they get an ebook reader. If you have several new series/authors that you want to catch up on - do you stick with one until you are caught up or switch between them (in which case it seems like you never catch up)? I am working on four authors/series (Lee Child, the Harry Bosch books, the Dexter books and Jim Bitcher's Dresden series) and I feel that it will take forever for me to catch up.
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          I read one series at a time until I'm done with it.  I've found that once I get a couple of books in I'm reading like a maniac.  I've learned to buy at least a few books ahead so that when I finish one the next one is ready to go.

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            I'm stingy/cheap/tight, so I tend to read what's cheap/free.  I've bounced back and forth between different authors/series in eBooks just like I did in DTBs.


            Some of the new authors I've tried in the last year that I've had my NST:


            1. Vince Flynn, recommended to me by a friend, first book Transfer of Power was a Free Friday selection, I'll be checking out some more of the Mitch Rapp series.
            2. J.A. Jance, was always curious about her writing, first book Until Proven Guilty was .99 a few months ago when she was a featured author, though a little too much sex for my taste, I liked the basic story and will probably go back to read more of her stuff.
            3. Suzanne Collins was recommended to me by a friend.  I borrowed all three of The Hunger Games trilogy from her as LendMe selections
            4. Lori Armstrong's first book in the Julie Collins series was a Free Friday selection, but I found it disappointing and won't likely go back for more
            5. Debbie Viguie has had several of her novels as Free Friday selections that I've downloaded for my wife to read.  She hasn't started on them yet, so no word on whether they are to her liking or not.

            I'm not really worried about "catching up" on any of them, as I haven't "caught up" to many of the authors I started as reading DTBs (William Kent Krueger, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, Robert Harris).  I figure I'll eventually get around to them.

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              I have several series that I've been reading for years and buy the new book as soon as it comes out.  Because of that, I read several different series at once.


              When I begin a new series, I will start at the very beginning and read one book right after the next until I'm done.


              I've gotten into the habit of reading myself to sleep.