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    Future Updates For The Nook Color

      Is it technically possible for B&N to engineer an update that would effectively extend battery life? I think it's a fair question, especially since the battery in the current Nook Color is not user-replaceable. The next generation of this eReader should include a battery that I can replace myself when the time comes, same as my Nook Classic. 

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          It's generally possible to tweak more out of battery life via smarter power management software (turning things off more when you don't need them, running the system clock on the CPU slower when you don't need the speed, etc). It's increasingly difficult to get less and less increase (i.e., diminishing returns). All depends upon how much their current architecture squeezed it the first time around.


          The other path is for battery technology to improve, but that's a few years away before anything commercial will show up.