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    Problems with Keyboard

      I have been searching the net to see if anyone is having a similar issue to mine. I bought 2 nook colors for my GF and my Dad. My GF loves reading books and likes the ability to surf the web a bit on the nook as well. She has had it less then a week and is already having an issue with the key board.


      Tonight she was trying to sign into her Email and it kept adding additional letters.  So if she wanted to type "a", it would show up as aaa or aa. This would happen on each letter she was trying to type. I tried and had the same issue. We rebooted the nook and still had the same issue.


      Has anyone else had this issue?  Is there a fix, or should we return it?



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          Was the NOOKcolor plugged in while your girlfriend was using the keyboard? I've read many instances where having it plugged in intensified the sensitivity of the keyboard. Most have said the problem goes away when it's running on battery. However, others have reported that the problem was resolved when they gave the touchscreen a good cleaning. I'd try those and if that doesn't resolve your issue then I'd see if you're still within your exchange window.