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    NookColor issues: disappearing BN books

      Twice now, the Nookcolor has reset.  By reset, I mean that I can be reading a book and all of a sudden my library display zero books, magazines and shelves.  Also, all side loading content is gone.  I tell the nook to sync and side load content reappears, but not all of my BN books are displayed. I did a little digging and noticed that the BN books that are in the library are epub v2.  Not sure if that matters at all, but worth a mention.  The other interesting  part of this is, a few of the BN books that are not showing up in the library are on my home page.  I can open and read them from the home page, but the library shows not reference to the missing books.


      The first time this happened (12/25), I did a complete reset of the nookcolor, reloaded side content and created new shelves.  That was a 2 hour ordeal and I would rather fix the problem then have to go through this process every week or so.  Also, I do not have the wifi on much... because I only need it when I am downloading a new book.  Both times this happened after (over an hour) after I turned the wifi on to download.

      thanks for any suggestions.

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          Searched the board and found this.  Sorry I don't have an answer.  Same thing just happened to me, ugh!!!  I am not so happy about this.  My daily shelf also keep loading books up, I delete them all and they come back.


          I'm a few minutes from doing the factory reset.  Not excited about losing my shelves!



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            Monday, I went to B & N to hang out & read my NC. As usual, the NC found B&N's wifi & asked me if I wanted to shop. When I said shop, my NC connected, my screen flashed, then went to my library which was now empty. YIKES!!! I have over 400 books in my library and 300+ in my archives (also empty). I tried to restart it which usually fixes most glitches but not this time. Arrgh! Went to Nook counter in the store, they had no idea. They used their phone to call CS & let me talk to them. The CS person was very friendly & told me what I dreaded I would hear. Unregister then reregister your device. For those of you that have never had to do that before, it entails manually redownloading all of your books, reshelving them #@$%^& (excuse my potty mouth) and updating the software again. Luckily, I keep a Nook folder on my Mac desktop with all of my Nook screensavers, photos, walpapers, sidloaded books, etc so that stuff is easy to restore. I wish there were a way to save your shelves in your online account and share them among all your devices. I am in the process of trying to download my books. It is going very slow. Worried about using the wifi in store again for fear of this happening again. Any body else ever have this issue? Also since re-registering, When going under social settings (for facebook & twitter, my NC just says invalid parameters. My home page is also screwed up. I put books on one of the 3 specific home pages and it keeps moving them all to the center page. I clear out the center page (default home), then try to add a book to it but the NC tells me my default home page is full when it is not! ARGHH!!!

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                Ok, I'm not saying that it is related... because it just maybe a coincidence.  But I also went to BN today, to try out the in store experience.  Later when I got home, the first time I got on my home WiFi, the same thing happened.


                I was not happy!  I've been reshelving and trying to get the NC back the way I had it for hours now.


                I may never visit BN again, LOL.  It has been very stressful.


                Just wanted you to know that you weren't alone in your frustrations.  I found a post from about 2 weeks ago with this happening to someone else and responded there earlier today.  No one seemed to know anything.