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    NookColor wifi connection slow

      i know this has been addressed many times, but still cant find a solution.  got a NC for xmas, couldnt register, server down, then 3 calls and 4 hours later to Tech support no help.  took to store and they said it was defective, so i had it replaced.  got it home, and it worked, but is unresponsive most of the time, web browsing keeps dropping connection, so i updated the software which took 5 hours to download.  i have two apple tvs, an ipad, two iphones, and an imac all wireless and blazing fast.  But this NC is just horrible.  i am highly frustrated, but some people seem to love it, so this is my last chance.


      anyone have any ideas why this would be slow, or constantly searching for wifi over and over again.  i have wpa2 running, everything is up to date and mac filtering is off.


      thanks ahead of time