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    How to Delete Files Under "My Files" on Nook Color

      I have two unnecessary zip files (the update) showing up on "Media" in "My Files" under My Library.  How do I delete those so the files shown are only the one I needed?  And, yes, I'm still trying to get the update done.  It shows up on the Nook Color but won't download/unzip on the Nook Color.  I read somewhere to unregister and that would clean it up but am scared it will do more to my new ereader...help is appreciated greatly!  (Did read the manual but can't find this in there anywhere yet.)

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          If you haven't tried this already, you're supposed to plug the NC into a PC (via USB) and it will appear as a disk drive. Open that up, go into My Files, etc, find the files you want to delete and just delete them.


          Note, if you have an SD card plugged into the unit, it appears as a separate drive with similar file structure, so make sure you pick the "main" one. :smileyhappy:


          The zip file for the software update is supposed to be stored at the top level folder of that main drive. In that position, it will not appear anywhere in "My Files". But the NC should see it there when it boots and, after a few seconds, start an upgrade process. In that case, make sure you have your NC plugged into AC or you have plenty of battery life while that's happening, and also don't mess with the unit until the process completes.