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    Touch Screen Calibration?

      Is there a way to calibrate the touch screen on the NookColor?


      Mine seems insensitive at the far right margin. When I do the crossword puzzle it's nearly impossible to select anything in the right most column of squares. :-/



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          Mine is like that too in crossword. Both margins, actually. However, the margins work just fine for page turning wheni am reading, so I'm not sure it is the screen. I think it has to do with the crossword puzzle software. I don't know a way to calibrate the screen, though.
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              Yeah, good point. Mine generally behaves for page turning (although on a few occasions it ignores the touch turn and I have to do a swipe).


              I can do the crossword, but I have to work at that last column. There's a sweet spot if I get "pretty close" to the last column, almost activating the column before it, that will grab it. But it's touchy...

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              As far as I know, there's no way to calibrate the screen on a stock Nook Color. If you're rooted and have the Android SDK installed, you can use a tool called ADB to force the Nook Color into a self-calibration cycle.


              If you're not rooted, it might make you feel better to know that the above does absolutely NOTHING for the lack of touch responsiveness along the edges of the screen. :smileytongue: I'm not sure if it's a hardware or firmware problem, but I think all Nook Color owners are in the same boat.


              Just FYI though, I've found that using the opposite hand's finger (left handed finger for right side of screen, and right handed finger for left side of screen) improves responsiveness. Also this is probably common knowledge, but using the entire pulp/pad of the finger (i.e.; where your fingerprint is) seems to be the most precise way to select things.

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                  I'm curious how accurate (or not) the screen calibration is for other NC owners.  For some things, you don't need a very precise 'hit' to trigger what you want.  But in a few cases you do (looking up words in books, clicking links on web pages), and I found I was consistently hitting the 'wrong' thing.


                  When I did some careful checking, I found it was because all my taps were registering ~3/16" below where my finger tip was pointing.  4-5 mm of offset is quite a lot.


                  I'm sorry to hear that re-calibration isn't available without rooting.  This seems like a good way to have units returned for little reason.  Presumably if you unroot it, the re-cal will stick?


                  In the mean-time I guess I'll have to use the Air Force motto... Aim High.  :smileyhappy:


                  - Mark