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    Does NC has gorilla glass?

      Actually it is not mentioned in any where(official spec page).But i want to confirm it whether screen is scratch proof.I have seen some discussions going on and some bit confused about replies.



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          I haven't seen mention of gorilla glass being used on the NOOKcolor, but then I wasn't really looking all that hard at the display specs.  One thing that did jump out at me when I was reading a review of the NC recently is that it has a special optical coating on the glass.  Now I'm worried about scratching the coating so I've ordered a screen protector for it even though I would prefer not to have to use one.  The NC's screen does seem to accumulate a lot more nasty looking fingerprints than the gorilla glass on a couple of my other devices do. :smileysad:

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            I don't think so. I'm not really sure where the rumors regarding Gorilla Glass started, either. :smileyhappy: