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    Can't get Nook to charge

      I was using my Nookcolor and the battery indicator turned red indicating I needed to charge it.  So, I plugged it in to charge and the indicator light flashes green and will not charge the Nook.  It's supposed to be orange when charging and then green when done.  When we did the "initial charge" of the thing on Christmas Day, it charged up just fine - but now the thing won't charge.


      Can anyone help?    I have it boxed up ready to return it - but I'd really hate to do that if there is an easier fix.

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          Are you plugging the device into a computer to charge, if so that might be the problem there isnt enough current from the computer to charge the device, also, you might try plugging the cord into the computer to see if it will go into usb drive mode. if it will then possibly the ac adapter is just not working well.

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              I can plug it into my computer and it functions just fine and acknowledges that it's plugging in to the computer - but when I use the wall adapter to try and charge it, it will not work.   It seems to me that it's probably the wall adapter is faulty.  Funny that it worked the first time though.