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    Stuck on Stupid and Possessed

      I was so excited about my Nook Color and now I am worried I am going to get stuck with a lemon..My Nook seems possessed at times. It starts going crazy flipping pages and highlighting words ect...Before I get accused of having my finger on the screen I actually set it down today and watched (from a distance) the screen go crazy. When it does this it I have to turn it off to make it stop. Even turning off is difficult when it's going crazy. Also I do not have it plugged in when this is happening.

      Also at times the screen freezes...I try to not touch any buttons to give it time to go through whatever process it may be going through..but it many times I have to turn it off to fix the problem.


      Other times I click on a book and nothing happens.


      I have had other issues here and there but these are the worst to deal with


      I am so worried now because I think my 14 day period expired. THis was a gift from my husband and it took me a few days before I even opened the box. Many of you seem to have the problems I am experiencing. I can't believe some of you have gone through several returns... how disappointing..after months of researching I thought taking the risk with a new product would be ok since B&N is a reputable company.



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          Have you noticed if this happens primarily when you have it plugged in via USB?  Mine does all sorts of strange things with the cable attached - its well behaved when unplugged.

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            Was the item fully charged before use? Was it plugged in via usb while this happened?


            I would say try to erase and deregister the item? If not can always attempt a Factory Reset


            With the Nook turned off

            Hold the Power, Home Button and Vol + Button until the Nook powers on

            A Reset Dialog will appear  Power to Exit and Home to continue

            Press Home

            Wait  a few moments and it will reset to fresh.

            Reregister the device as you would when you first turned it on.


            Something I do with my Ipod once every few months is Factory Reset when it locks up or gets jumpy. It might work with Jumpy Nook.



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              I had my NC for 5 days before something similar happened yesterday. I pressed the home button and the user guide opened and started flipping pages. I turned it off as soon as the page flipping stopped. When I turned it back on, there was no more page flipping. I'm wondering if temperature change might have been the culprit as it had been in a cold car for a 30 minute drive.

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                The 14 day return policy is for money back. If the device does not work properly, you can coontact B&N (if ordered online) at their customer support number, and they will send a replacement. If purchased at a store, they will replace it at the store.

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                    Thanks. I had also realized that the policy is 14 days from date received..so technically I was still within the window. I went to the store today and the Manager exchanged it with no problem. The kid selling them told me they have had a few folks come in with the same issue. However, in those cases he claimed that it was that the screen was dirty and the finger prints were causing the issue (mine was clean). Another case they said the case the book was in had a magnet that was messing with the unit.



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                    this is posted elsewhere, too.


                    Clean the screen, power off, then back on, and see how it works.  I ran across that solution a few weeks ago and it really worked.