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    List of recognized problems

      Is there a list of recognized problems and what is supposed to be fixed in the comming update?



      I notice that quite a few people post This problem and indicate that B&N cust svc is not very responsive.


      Does anyone know if this is a priority issue for them? It seems to me that it is a nook issue:


      Kickin it like a dead horse...My experience:


      I had trbl getting my NC as well as my nook clasic connected to my WIFI ntwk when I first got them. I had to set it to open to use it. Not something I was going to live with. I tried it at a friends house, she has the same router, and it worked with WEP and WPA/PSK TKIP. When I went back n set up my home router it worked as well. I figured I must have missed something the 1st time. No worry I'm connected. Cool!


      Next day I'm Searching facebook on my NC and I get a not connected error. I chk wireless setting and it says connected, No internet.  I turned to my desk and checked my laptop. It was connected and happy. On the NC, 1st I tried to forget the connection, no go, then I tried to turn WIFI off then back on. Same thing. Cycled the power, no good. Gave up, went back to reading my book. WTH I had my laptop there if I wanted to browse.  Later in the day I turned WIFI on and it connected just fine.  This has happend a few times and I let it slide.


      I have read sev posts from others that have this same problem.


      I know how easy it is to think that the unexperienced user, or the OTHER device is the problem.


      Not the case here. Several of the posters have shown that they are well versed in setting up a wireless ntwk.  The fact that it is intermittant, and that the other devices connected do not share this symptom shines a big brite lite on the faulty device.


      I have been a Nookcolor supporter on this board since day 1. 


      I still think this is a product with great potential. Most of the quirks on this device are not deal breakers.The WIFI problem IS a deal breaker. I hope I have til Jan 31st to decide



       I need to see something official that tells me 


      A) B&N is aware 

      B) it is a priority 
      C) when can we expect a fix



      This will become a biger problem after Xmas. Cust svc phone lines will be crushed. The wait times will be long. frustration will be high, returns will be many. 


      B&N have a chance. This thing has great potential. Dont drop the ball. 




      Thanks for listenin


        • Re: List of recognized problems

          A few issues come to mind that greatly take away from the usefulness/enjoyment of the device. Off the top of my head:


          1. Loss of sound when the NC goes to sleep. Have to power off/on to get it back.


          2. Flashing out of control screens. I personally haven't experienced this problem, but somebody posted a video of this and it seems extreme.  From perusing the forums, a few people have experienced this.


          3. The wifi problem of course.



          Problems I've experienced that I'm not sure if other people have:

          1. I've begun having problems turning pages.  I have to tap sometimes up to 10 times to get a page to turn in my epub. 


          2. Randomly getting kicked out of books.  I'll tap the screen or select a font option and get kicked out of the book back to the library.


          3. I have a book (The Age of Innocence) that likes to appear on every single one of my shelves, even though it hasn't been placed there.  I'll edit the shelf and Age of Innocence will not be selected, but the image will still be there.  I have to actually add it, then remove it to make the image go away.  But two hours later it will be back.



          Personal gripes.

          1. My oft vocalized disgruntlement at the PDF support.  Bookmarks at least, please!


          2. The ability to add all of our books, including sideloaded, to the home screen and daily shelf.


          3. Visible PDF covers.  Just grab the first page and display it as a cover?