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    gmail froze my browser

      I tried to send mail from my gmail account and my browser totally froze. The only thing I could do to get it working again is turn off my wifi and turn it backnon. Another annoying issue is that as I type this from my nook color I can not see a cursor wwhich makes it really aggravating to fix typos. So, is there a way to send email from this thing or not? And does anyone else have a cursor when posting here from their nook color?
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          Try using the m.gmail.com


          The nook color works best on mobile sites. You can put an M in place of WWW for most sites. ie... m.facebook.com,  m.yahoo.com,  m.gmail.com   you get the idea.


          The curser problem is not a Nook issue. I have the same problem on 2 dif PC's It is intermittent yet very annoying.




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              Well the cursor issue does not seem to be intermittent on the nook it's all the time and yes very annoying. Oh, well.


              I find it a bit sad that I have to resort to mobile sites with the nook browser. My HTC Evo handles full versions of websites beautifully and it's a phone.


              That being said I did purchase this to read books on and for that purpose it works splendidly and so these issues are not deal breakers for me and the nook color. Perhaps these issues will be addressed in a future update.