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    Reading PDF files



      I was wondering if there was a way to bookmark the page you are readin gin a pdf? When i close the pdf file and then open it back up it goes to the cover and i have to remember the page i was on and "search" to that page number. Any help with this would be great.

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          Thanks for the heads up on this issue.  I haven't had a chance to check my pdf's and didn't realize that it didn't save the last page read and always goes back to the first page.


          I couldn't find any place to make a bookmark.  But I did find a go to Page Number. There is an icon on the right side (circle with lines), click this to get to the go to page.


          Since we can't write notes, we would have to save the page number somewhere else. This has to be a bug and hopefully will get fixed.



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              Apparently, there are some other pdf bugs as well.... I have been told by BN that unless I got the PDF directly from BN that there is no option for changing the font size. Which means that you have to use the 'zoom in' feature instead... but it doesn't have a 'word wrap' feature, so you have to swish back and forth to read, and have to scroll up and down with your finger as well, so you get quite seasick from it. I have to say that pdf files are virtually UNREADABLE on the new nook color, as it stands. Even if you find a size of zoom that is large enough to read, and you turn it sideways to make it fit, when you flick to scroll it moves it all around so that it is no longer centered.

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              Yes i really would like to know if you can bookmark a pdf file. It's annoying trying to remember what page your on.

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                  It's amazing that Go To and Bookmarking was left out. Especially since the standard QuickOffice app for Android specifically states:


                  QuickPDF® - Advanced PDF Viewer

                  • Open PDF files, including password protected and encrypted files
                  • Multi-touch zoom for Android 2.0 and higher with continuous zoom levels and support for flick scrolling
                  • View files in page view or reading view, which wraps text at any zoom level, eliminating the need for repetitive left/right scrolling
                  • Find text
                  • Quick navigation with Go To Page
                  • View and navigate with bookmarks
                  • Rotate documents
                  • Follow hyperlinks, email addresses and phone numbers


                  And yes, I am aware that this is a "custom" version of QO on the Nook Color. Still, that's no excuse. What was B&N thinking?

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                      There is "Go to page" in this version, which is somewhat useful and better than nothing.  But it's only a band-aid at best.  Having to remember what page you were on every time you want to resume reading is not fun.  And having post-it notes sticking to the back of your NC where you can scribble down the page number is not fun either (nor is having to make sure you always have a pen)...  That was my failed attempt at a remedy.

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                        As far as I can tell, the only way to comfortably read PDF files on the Nook Color is to email them to the Nook and open them as email attachments.  Opening from within the email program then allows one to make use of all the usual Nook book reading functions such as Search, Content and Text sizing. 


                        If PDF attachments are stored in My Files under Docs or My Downloads and then read from those locations, all of the problems noted in this subject string appear.  The end result is a frustating time with a too small or too big document.

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                            EMS56 wrote:

                            As far as I can tell, the only way to comfortably read PDF files on the Nook Color is to email them to the Nook and open them as email attachments.  Opening from within the email program then allows one to make use of all the usual Nook book reading functions such as Search, Content and Text sizing.

                            One other way, which I discovered by accident and reported here many moons ago, is to password protect your PDF.  That will also force it to open in the Adobe Mobile Reader, instead of Quickoffice.


                            And while that does give you all the advantages you mentioned, in addition to last-page-read, bookmarks, etc., you do lose pinch-to-zoom, and landscape mode.  So neither option is perfect.


                            - Mark


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                              I too have been having problems with the accessibility of PDF files on my Nook color. I was able to open a PDF file on my NC with all the accessibility options once, and by accident, but then when i exited and tried to acces the file again it went back to reading it as a plain file. I tried the E-mail option you suggested but once i opened the e-mail on my nook i could do nothing to the attatchment. I hope I dont sound like I'm whinning but we can all agree it would be better if we weren't having a forum about this. I hope an update comes soon. :smileyhappy:

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                          I just got a color Nook and planned to give my monocrhome Nook to my husband. I am disappointed that there is no support for bookmarking PDF's nor for keeping track of the last page read. I've converted alot of classic books from an old CD that used to sync with my Palm TX to PDF's, because the CD didn't work with Windows 7. Now that I have plenty to read, it annoying that the PDF's I place on my new Nook can't be bookmarked nor the last page read be tracked.


                          I did put my PDF books in "My FILes" under either subfolders "Novels" or "Short Stories"


                          I would eagerly look forward to a Nook update that corrects the problem.


                          Using the "Go to Page" option with PDF's would be ok if one remembered what page one was on previously!

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                            I use the EzPdfReader app, which I bought from the App Store. Much better than what comes with NC! Bookmarks, text reflow, zooming, etc. I use it heavily to read work-related articles from biomedical journals (I am in pharmaceutical R&D). However it lacks documentation; one user posted a great video on YouTube showing many tricks so you should search for it there. I learnec several features from that video.