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    NOOKcolor: Drivers

      When I plug my NookColor into my Windows XP computer, it can't find a driver for OMAP 3630 device.  Any clues?

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          It should work fine if you're using SP3 of XP and your Nook Color is turned ON (not sleeping, not waiting for you to slide the wake up arrow to the right).



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            I've also been confused by the awkwardness of the USB connection with Win XP SP3, but figured out that if you let XP go through its confusing "found new hardware" screens and then slide the little trident-shaped USB icon at the bottom of the Nook screen, you will enable the Nook to communicate with your PC.  However, if you have an SD card in your Nook, you will see two new dialog boxes on your PC:  one for the Nook itself, and one for the SD card.  This should work and enable you to ignore the OMAP3630 device driver warning.