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    BN ebook "My Wishlist" does not Sync with "My Wishlist" for the NOOKcolor device

      Just wanted to share this interesting fact... see exchange from customer service and my inquiry... 

      Dear Customer,
      Thank you for contacting us about your NOOKcolor device.
      Unfortunately the "My Wishlist" in not transferrable between devices.
      You will have to create a new "My Wishlist" for the NOOKcolor device.
      Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.
      Hi - I have a nook color and noticed the "My Wishlist" on the device is
      NOT in sync with my B&N ebooks wishlist (i.e. Digital Management > Nook
      Wish List.  I should be able to sync both lists from the site and my
      device and this was working with my OLD original nook.  Please advise?