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    Nook Color can't connect to adhoc wireless networks.  (iPhone, Android hotspot issues)

      I wanted to share this with everyone. I found out the hard way.


      If you had a desire to connect your nook to a wifi hotspot like one of those created by a jailbroken iPhone with MyWi or other android cell phones.  You can't in some instances.


      Nook Color does not allow you to connect to an adhoc network.  I had a desire to tether my nook to my Jailbroken iPhone 4 using MyWi but once I set it up the nook did not even see the network. 


      Nook color requires that a network bet set up as an infrastructure network.  This is an issue because some cell phone and all the Jailbroken iPhone applications use adhoc networks to create hotspots.


      MyWi on the iPhone has mentioned that they are working on a way to create an infrastructure but they have given no ETA on when they will be available.


      So my grand plan to have internet access anywhere using my Jailbroken iPhone 4 is on hold for now. 


      This does not apply to any mobile device that can create a hotspot using infrastructure mode.  Some phones can create both but default to adhoc to check your phones transmission settings and see if you have the ability to switch it to an infrastructure connection this will fix your issues. 


      I wanted to pass this information along to others.  I am sure some of you knew this.  Others probably don't care. Hope this helps anyone who wanted to know or was curious as to why they were un able to tether to a mobile device.