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    Nook Color keyboard problems on Facebook?

      I just got a Nook Color a few days ago and was playing around with the browser.  I was on my Facebook page and was trying to post a status update.  For some reason everytime I tap the status update box and try to type the keyboard won't work.  Sometimes it will come up and I try to type a letter and the keyboard just disappears.  It highlights the status update box in green but the keyboard just won't come up?  What am I doing wrong?

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          You're doing nothing wrong. This is apparently a bug in the Nook Color, and has been reported elsewhere on this forum. Until a fix is released in a software update, there  is a workaround. Use the mobile vesion of Facebook at http://m.facebook.com. Reportedly that works fine with Nook Color.

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            well, ya didn't buy a kindle from amazon, the world's largest online retailer.


            okay, just kidding there.


            Tempermentalness like this has been reported.  I've experienced it here on these forums myself posting from my nookcolor. 


            I find that it usually goes away if you refresh the page.



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              We are aware of the issue and are working on it. As a workaround:

              Facebook:  try http://touch.facebook.com

              Hotmail:  try http://mobile.live.com/hm

              B&N Forums:  Click on the "HTML" tab when entering text.  It should let you type in.

               We're working on the issue of not being able to type in certain text entry fields

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                  Browsing around, looking for the same problem I've been having with Facebook and my Nook Color - lots of posts and a few replies; found several dated from last year!   Has anyone found an answer/solution that maybe I've overlooked? 


                  Two weeks ago, I was able to access my facebook profile, post comments, "like" things, make status updates...etc.....via my NC.  Went on vacation last week to a land of spotty wifi  (poor to nonexistent) and now the only thing I'm able to do is view the first 'page' of postings.  When I reach the bottom of the page of posts, where you'd normally see the 'see older posts' or whatever - I get the eternal refresh circle.  I'm unable to 'like' or comment.  The keyboard feature will come up, but the letters in the status box are pale (for lack of a better word) and when I touch comment to post my blurb, it disappears. 


                  I've tried unlinking my account, trying to use a workaround address of facebook mobile that someone mentioned...nothing has worked.    Ideas?