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    how do I copy-paste in nook color?

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          Probably impossible in purchased books but I've been able to (occasionally) get it to copy text from a text box in the browser.  The nook long press menu comes up and then somehow the stock android one comes up after it.  Probably a clash between OSes

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            Yay! I have the answer...or one of them. If you want to stick with the NOOK Firmware..which I do, then download Evernote and ezPDF reader. 


            Copy text in ezPDF reader by doing a "long hold" on the letters until the blinking green dots appear...then drag to highlight the text area...then click copy.


            It should say something like copied successfully in a little black conversation bubble.


            Next open Evernote...create a new note and then edit the note...do another long hold to bring up the paste option and viola! There you have it. (Evernote requires an SD card to run..it may be that the NOOK clipboard only works when the SD card is in...I haven't tested this yet.)


            Then add any additional notes about the quote and it will automatically sinc with your PC where you can put it together in a word doc...or do whatever you like.


            There are other options...but this is the best thing I have found so far for a quick fix...and on the plus side all your notes are stored on the cloud. 


            Also, I use qiqqa to store all my PDF files on the cloud and you can download them to the NOOK straight from the the qiqqa online library. www.qiqqa.com


            I am now a very happy customer.


            It would be great though if someone developed a PDF app that would let you export notes directly like in qiqqa on the PC but Evernote is a great solution in the meantime.


            Hope that helps!



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              Well, i was wondering the same thing a long time ago but didnt pay any mind to it because i never really needed to use it all that much but then happen to come across something called tumblr.com i heard of it from a friend and signed up for one via her laptop. Since It wasnt my laptop, as soon as i came back home from visiting my friends house, i wanted to continue useing the website, i had gone back on the website  via nook color and found out that i couldnt copy and paste a url (tumblr is an online blog that enables you to post things such as pictures and quotes from google or yahoo...even bing) first thing i did was go on this website...since, no offence but the "help" wasnt really helping me, i figured it out on my own,after hours of fiddling with my nook color, what you do is, you search for a photo, click and hold it and a mini menu will pop up with the option of copying the url and you click that, then, wherever you please to paste the url you click and hold their and it will say paste! Note; the paste option will not pop up if their is nothing to paste so, if it doesnt pop up, try again, you may have done something incorrect!   HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!  :smileyhappy:

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                I realize how exceedingly old this thread is but I cant help but leave a reply due to the ignorance I have read.


                There is not one single correct reply to the topic thread question:  how do you copy paste with a nook color?


                The answer is that you can only copy and paste in text boxes, not freely for any text on the screen.


                Text boxes, such as this one here, forum replys, or emails, etc.


                How do you do it then?


                Well a few people suggested holding your finger anywhere on the screen until the options box pops up.


                This is INCORRECT.


                You hold you finger down directly on the border of the text box.  Tap the text box to outline the box orange.  Then hold your finger on the orange border until the select/copy/paste box pops up.


                There, question answered.