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    NOOKcolor not seen as USB device by Mac

      I am trying to connect my NOOKcolor to my MacBook Pro to sideload books.


      Last night, I connected my NOOKcolor for the first time, it showed up fine and I moved over a handful of PDFs and ePubs. I ejected it before unplugging, which is the proper protocol for USB drive devices on a Mac.


      This morning, I connected to delete a few of the PDFs but now, the Mac doesn't see the NOOKcolor as a drive. I have rebooted the NOOKcolor, and rebooted my Mac. I've tried both USB ports.


      The orange charging light is lit up on the USB cable, so power is being transferred, but the MBP doesn't see it as a USB drive.


      All my other USB drive devices (Kindle, Opus and various USB keys) are working fine, so it appears to be a problem specific to the NOOKcolor.