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    Videos on nook color

      Has anyone had any luck sideloading an mpeg4 that would play on thier nook ?

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          I have converted quite a few videos to MP4 and they play perfectly on the nook.  I was surprised how well actually.   I used the free tool Any Video Converter.  This has worked on my personal / family videos.   

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            I had luck following the instructions at http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1225926.  Still tweaking but I've been able to get good quality video on there.

            • NOOKcolor m4v Video support

              I just got off the phone with a BN tech and NOOKcolor does not support m4v videos which according to the user guide it does support.

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                With Handbrake I've been using the following settings:


                1) Select ipod

                2) Keep aspect ratio

                3) If res is over 854x480, change width to 854

                4) Change type from h.264 to mpeg4

                5) Set video quality to 90%


                Works well at downsizing my blurays.


                DVD's you can skip step 3.

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                  My husband used one called DVD Catalyst to rip mine to MP4, and it has a "Nook Color" setting on it already to optimize settings for the device so you don't have to do it manually.  I think the program was a $10 download (he originally got it for his Droid X).  Everything he has put on a microSD for me looks absolutely gorgeous and runs flawlessly!

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                    Tim79 wrote:

                    Foxreal Video Convert


                    Eventhough your post seems more like an advertising post, I decided to try the trial version..


                    The app just seems to do video files, so at $35 it's a bit overpriced (DVD Cat 4 does DVD and Video for $10)


                    For testing, I used a NOOKcolor-optimized MP4 file I created from "Avatar Extended Edition" last night, and because the video-specs of the NOOK are identical to that of the Droid X, I selected the DroidX profile in Foxreal.I left the rest of the settings as the defaults, and just like most people, I don't have CUDA support, so the speeds should give a proper representation for the average user.


                    The 1hour33minute file converted at about 1x realtime on a Core2Duo 2Ghz system using Foxreal (it took 1hour26 minutes). With DVD Catalyst 4, the conversion of the same file took about 22 minutes on the same system.


                    Besides the Foxreal watermark in the created video file, the quality was pretty much identical, except the DVD Catalyst created file was about 100MB smaller.


                    As the developer of DVD Catalyst, the integrity of this post might be in question, but these are my honest findings. If you are looking for a video conversion application, I would strongly suggest to try before you buy.