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    epub files on sd card not loading

      I transfered all of my epub files from my sony reader library onto an sd card and inserted that into my nook color. Every time I try to open one of the epub files I get an error dialog box that says "sorry, cannot open this book." All of the PDFs and docs I transfered are fine (although I have to scroll up and down to get to the next page as opposed to just tapping or swiping left and right!), but I'd like to be able to open the books I paid for! Please help!

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          We do not support Sony DRM. Ebooks purchased from Sony may be ePub file format but have Sony's DRM; and only devices that read Sony DRM (ePub file or other) can read the eBooks from Sony. NOOK and NOOKcolor read ePub file format with B&N DRM or Adobe DRM or no DRM.

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            Same problem for me. For one of my books it says "Sorry unable to open this book" and for the other one it started opening and then went back to the previous screen.

            Any suggestions? I authorized my nook, that was the problem before but now I'm not sure. Both are epub files... I got them off my local library thing... It says it supports nook...

            I really don't know what's wrong.

            I've checked everything.

            Help? :smileysad: