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    SSID must be visible in order to connect to home network

      Just got a Nookcolor this past weekend and ran into a little hiccup getting it set up.  For security purposes I do not broadcast my wireless router SSID.  But the Nookcolor will not allow you to register your device and/or stay connected to your home wireless network unless the SSID is visible.  So for now I'm allowing my SSID to broadcast visibly.  It would be nice if in a future software release the Nookcolor will accept and remember all network settings even if they are hidden.  Smartphones, laptops, and other wireless devices accommodate this.  (Note: I still have other security measures in place - WEP password and mac access list.  So broadcasting the SSID isn't a true vulnerability... hiding it is just another precaution I take.)


      btw...  Did get Nookcolor registered and setup and all is working well!

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          How about hiding it again AFTER you've established the connection to NC? Does it recognize the network after that even if it is invisible?

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            I am connect to a network that does not broadcast SSID. When you set it up just pick I do not see the network on this list (or something like that) and the keyboard will pop up to put in the SSID.If you are not able to stay connected something is wrong.


            Also note that not broadcasting is not a true security measure.

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              I had the same issue, and agree.    Also, another issue in teh same vein.


              I have my router setup to only allow certain MAC addresses on the network.   Obviously, until you get on the network, you can't get the NOOK color's MAC address.   I turned that off, and told it to broadcast the SSID and immediately got connected.


              I then got the MAC, put it in the router, and rebooted the router....connected fine again.   Turned off the SSID and rebooted the router.    It won't re-connect....it says "out of range" (even though everything else on the WiFi is working fine).    Try to connect by hand, it connects but as soon as I turn the WiFi off (on the nook) and then back on....it won't reconnect.


              Turn on the SSID broadcast...and it connects fine very rapidly.



              So that's two things I'd suggest for future releases and/or a sticker on your new NOOK color.


              1.  Put a sticker with the MAC address on nook OR, duirng the startup, on the connect to WiFi page....have it show the NOOK color's MAC address on the connect page so people can write it down and add it to the allowed addresses on their routers.   My access point does NOT log that it denied access to xxxx address, so couldn't get the NOOK's MAC from the log files.


              2.  Allow it to connect to WiFi's that don't broadcast SSID.   My nook 3G has no problems doing that, but the NOOK color won't connect automatically unless I have my router setup to broadcast SSID.


              I can see both of the above being issues for those who aren't technically adept at WiFi setups and/or had some geek squad person set it up for them.


              Other than that....(and I had the same double entry via keyboard while the nook is charging but once it's charged, that went away)....I haven't found any real issues that weren't pilot error.  A few times, I'd swipe to turn the page, and it'd turn two pages...no biggie.


              After a few hours reading it last night, it was at 89% battery.   It is perfect for reading in bed and looking at National Geographic Magazine on it is 'heaven'...I'm quite satisfied.  


              Good Job to the engineers and designers of the NOOK color.   NOTHING is perfect on it's first production run, but this is damn close as far as I'm concerned.