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    Playing music on the Nook color

      OK, I go to the Files directory, then to music, then to an album subdirectory ( I have several ) - now how do I select more than one song to be played such as adding the songs or the directories to a playlist?  Currently I seem only to be able to pick one song to play, then, at the end of that song, I must back up and pick the next, and so on.

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          You should browse for music in the music app found in "extras".

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            Thank you, that worked.  Wish the manual went into that minor detail.  :smileywink:

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              I loaded music into the music folder on my Nook Color (not the micro SD card) and I can play the music if I go into library>my files and click on the file. It will play the music but only the track that I select. If you go into the music app under extra none of the music shows up. How do I get the Nook's music App to populate the music I loaded into the device? Like I said nothing is showing up in the Music App and I know the files are compatible.



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                Once you are in the music application, you have to tap on the musical notes or disc icon to access your music.

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                  how do you get music to stop playing once you get it loaded and started?

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                    RE:  Create playlists to have nook color play more than one song at a time


                    Found this out by accident, after selecting the music app or even accessing music from your folder (sd card or nook drive), hold your finger/stylus down for a few seconds on the song that you want to hear.  A menu will pop up (options: Play; Add to playlist; delete; or search).  Select add to playlist.  A new menu will pop up (options:  Current playlist; New).  Choose whichever option you like.  After creating the playlist, you can select the 'multiple lines' icon and select the playlist that you have created. 


                    Hope this helps!!:smileyhappy:

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                      I always read and play music on my Nook. Sometimes I can switch back and forth with the icons on the bottom of the screen (music notes for music & book for book) and sometimes it will not let me switch back and forth. When I'm reading and the song I want to skip is on I push the music note and it brings me to the song. I than tap the book icon and it acts like its going back but just returns to the music screen. I notice there are 2 circular arrows on the sides of the arrow when it doesn't work correctly. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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                        I bought my nook color 12/26/10 and never knew that the icons were supposed to switch from music to book with just one touch because it always did exactly what you described. I thought it should have been easier but I didn't know anyone who had a Nook color. Than one day just out of the blue the icons started working. It was wonderful. I thought all along I had done something wrong but couldn't figure out what it was. Than about a month went by and it reverted back to not working again. I could go to the music but to get back to my book I had to go the long way. I realized I wasn't doing anything wrong so I brought it in to BN and they saw the problem and claimed they never saw this problem before. They did an update and it worked again. Within 10 minutes of leaving the store and pulling up my own book it stopped working. When I got home I called BN and spoke to the person that helped me. She gave me a BN # to call.  When I contacted them I had to do a restall & update before they would do anything. I did those things and it still wouldn't work. They sent me a pre owned nook ( I wasn't too happy) When it arrived just today I installed all my books & music and it still did the same thing. It would not toggle from music to book. Now get this... I realized that my memory was almost full. I checked the size of this new nook they sent me and it was oinly 1 GB my old one was 5 GB. I got back on the phone with BN again and spoke to a supervisor. He didn't know about this toggleproblem, but said there was a "BN speacialists" in their office and went to check with him. When he came back to the phone he advised me that BN will NOT replace a nook because the icons won't toggle. That this is not something that BN advertised to sell the Nook Color and its still in the works. And the reason for the 1 GB nook.... Well he told me that both nooks had the same MB but in the new ones are petitioned only 1 gb is available to the owner because BN needed to keep the other memory open for updates & BN book purchases and to stop viruses from ruining the entire nook.  I told him my memory was full already and he told me that SD cards could be bought.  I was NOT happy with this at all. In the end he is sending me a supposed "Brand New" nook color... I don't understand why because nothing is wrong with my nook according to what he told me. He said there are some nooks that the toggle works and some that don't. Well if it doesn't work I am going to just send it back. I believe I will be sending a letter to the BN Corporate offices in NYC regarding this matter.  I know its a long story but I feel better now!

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                          Another almost unbelievable CS story, not just regarding B&N. This seems to be the norm these days, buy something, it does not function properly and you have to get almost violent to get them to replace the thing.Yours is not the only horror story, but just another example of how Customer Service has deteriorated over the past 20 or so years. Bank Of America is by far the worst offender, but for whatever reason many American businesses follow this example. I do business with a local motorcycle aftermarket store, and the experience is always beyond what I expect, they know you by name, the same guys have been there for the 10 years I have been going there. I have had to return just a couple of items. Everytime it is painless and they are disappointed when they sell an item to a customer that is not up to their standards. I have never paid the listed price, it seems everytime I buy something it rings up with a discount, awesome. Their motto is right at every register, "If we have not exceeded your expections, we have failed" They are not a multi billion dollar business, but their shop is always crowded, they always have what I need or want, and if they don't they will get it for me, for less than I will pay anywhere else, you cannot put a price on that.

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                            As a newbie, I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered, but::

                            is there a way to add multiple tracks to a playlist without having to add each one individually? E.g., if I want one playlist to consist of every track in my "music" folder, can I do that in one keystroke or do I have to enter each track individually?


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                              where do i find this?

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                                Ok this may sound stupid but I'm not tech savvy about everything. So when putting music on my Nook is it possible to put songs on it from ITunes?

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                                  where do I find this 'music' app?

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                                    Just started trying to add music to my NC - where is "extras" on my nook?

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