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    text to speech

      does anyone know if the nook color has the text to speech and does it have light so I can read in the dark?

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          I am not sure about the text-to-speech, but it certainly has the light - the back light ... 

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            I believe for the newer enhanced children's books you have the option of being read to by a narrator. 


            That's about the only thing I can think of.

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                Text to speech has not yet been implemented, and I personally know of no plans to do so.


                B&N has chosen to embed audio performances within books -- see Polar Express, Elephan got its Tail, et al.  These are recorded performances by actors whose narration leads a child into reading, not just a mechanical voice with very little feeling or expression.


                I look forward to the day when more content producers, such as Berlitz, Rosetta Stone, or other makers of language learning software, begin to take advantage of the "read to me" spec for novel and interesting purposes. 


                At this point in time, the machine-generated speech is no substitute for the rich intonations of a trained actor.