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    Universal Case for Nook Glowlight


      Hi....Since BN doesn't seem to offer cases for the new Glowlight, which I just got, I've looked around and I' found this one by Case Logic.  




      The specs make me think that it would fit the nook NGL, even with it's rounded corners.  


      Has anyone purchased this item, or heard anything?  I've been looking for reviews, but I see few, and many are faked anyway.   Thanks!



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          I haven't seen that particular model. It's a clever idea. Rather than using those big ugly elastic bands at each corner, they stretch two rubber loops around the top and brace it at the bottom. I'd do a visual comparing the NGL to the Kindle they show to see if there's a big difference in the dimensions. If not, it should work. At $10, you're not risking a lot. I've read using a case for a 7 inch tablet with a similar strap for the hand, and it certainly does work, though swiping the screen one-handed can be tricky. The strap actually helps for that. The problem I see is that it's going to add a lot of bulk to your device, offsetting one of the best features. I prefer a simple slip case.

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              Thanks...I'm not worried about bulk.  I'm still adjusting to the lighter weight of the NGL as compared to my old NST.   I like a litle heft.


              Anyway, would Kindle paperwhite cases work?  I'll take a look at that too.   Anyone here uing a paperwhite case for the new nook?

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              I'm with Bobstro, the dimensions look like you may be able to use it, though you may need to tinker a bit.


              I prefer a simple case.  For now I'm getting a skin from DecaglGirl, should be delivered today, hopefully UPS leaves it at the door since I'll be at work.