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    nooksimple will not turn on

      I've had a simple touch for about 2 years now. Recently my battery ran out (I'm guessing) and the screen froze. I plugged it in to charge, but when I pressed the power button after pugging it in the screen blinked out and came back with the "your nook is starting up..." sreen and froze. I tried leaving it plugged in overnight, leaving it unplugged overnight and then trying to plugg it in, pressing and holding the power button, and tried connecting the nook to my computer. While hooked to my computer the screen blink blank a few times, but kept freezing on the start up screen and the computer kept telling me an unknown USB device was plugged in. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to get the nook to start up?

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          When you plug it in, what color does the light next to the cable turn?


          If it doesn't turn ANY color... you have a bad charger so it's still dead.  The computer will throw a fit with a discharged Nook because it won't respond correctly.  Get a new charger (the NST takes ANY micro-usb charger so you don't need a special one).


          If it's yellow,.. it's still not fully-charged.  You have to wait a while (gift it an hour) after it completely dies.


          If it's green... you have a problem.  It's fully-charged and should turn on.