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    support for Spain

      Hi all. I live in Spain and i have bought online a Nook Simple Touch GlowLight, but i have problems. I have tried to chat but it´s currently offline.

      My problem is

      "Conectado, pero no a internet"

      FAQ recommend go to setting, but i can go to setting because i can't pass from "Elegir un a red".

      Anyone can help me?. Otherwise I will have to return it.


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          You need a working Wifi connection to register your Nook before you can use it.

          Your Nook probably not has the latest firmware. Wifi has been improved in the latest firmware version. If you have a problem getting a Wifi connection do a manual update of the Nook firmware.

          See this link:



          Other common solutions for Nook Wifi problems:

          - Set your router to G speed, instead of G/N mixed. This will usually solve most Wifi problems.

          - Use WPA2 security.

          - Use no spaces or other special characters in your SSID

          - Use only lower case letters in your SSID

          - Use only Wifi channels 1 to 11.


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              Also, please be aware that Barnes and Noble has been having serious technical problems of late.  My Nooks--all three of them--spent most of the weekend showing much the same message: "connected, but no internet." 


              The problems seem to have been solved.

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                i have probed all of them but the problem keeps unsolved.
                I have join to conect with other wifi but neither is the solution.
                Do you have any further ideas?