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    1st gen nook not charging

      I have a 1st gen nook that I love. Last week the battery went down to critical so I left it charging overnight. The next morning it was still critical and the charging light would only stay on for a few seconds. I tried pulling the battery and and starting with just the charger in, but no sign of life. I brought the nook to bn and they swapped out the battery for me and it started right up. Last night I plugged the nook in after 30 mins of use. I had to jiggle the power connection a little but the light came on. This morning the light was still on and no increase in charge. Also, the battery indicator does not show that the battery is charging when plugged in. The connection is loose, but if I hold it in the right place the charging light will come on but charging is not happening. What else can I try? I really don't want a new nook, I like the 3G capability on my current nook.