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    What's wrong with Atlantic Monthly?


      It's a fairly basic magazine, but will NOT show up on my NST.  I also get Time and Nat Geo on my HD+ and they simultaneously appear on the NST.  What could be wrong with Atlantic?  I archived it from the HD+ and refresh the NST library - and it won't show up.


      Anyone have a clue?

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          1) If it's archived on the HD+, it's also archived on all other devices.


          2) I'm not sure The Atlantic is available for the NST.  Even though the "?" says it's availabe for Nook and any device running the Nook App, the "available on these devices and apps" doesn't list the NST, only the tablet style Nooks.

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            The Atlantic magazine is not currently available for download to the NST.So the questions are, 


            1) was this a new subscription and you just expected it to work across all devices? or

            2) was this an existing subscription that previously worked on your NST, and there's been a change so it no longer works (you werent notified, just stopped downloading to NST one month.) Unfortunately, this has been known to happen without warning too.