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    Nook Simple Touch screen is nothing like how it is advertised on the website

      Today I took delivery of a Nook Simple Touch and was very disappointed with the screen in terms of it's use in ambient light. I ordered on the strength of your site and it's demonstration videos, which clearly show the device having a white background. What I have received does not come close to what is shown on the site and is almost unreadable unless I go and stand outside. where is still does not exhibit the same characteristics shown in the videos.


      I am concerned that the advertising should reasonably reflect the products capabilities.


      I mailed customer services, who stated that the screen background is white. However since the screen is an E-Ink dislay it requires sufficient light for reading.


      This is simply not the cse and the background does not get anywhere near white in the bightest and natural of outdoor lighting, let alone indoor.


      The front of the box shows an equally vivid picture of the display and set side by side with the real thing, it is like comparing night and day.


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          This is a customer discussion site, and B&N only rarely makes any sort of official appearance here. You'll need to follow up with B&N directly to get any official answer. It sounds like you just received the device, so you shouldn't have any problem returning it if you're not happy.


          I agree with you that the web page images show a deceptively clear image. Is your device a NST glow, or the basic NST without backlight?


          The background on my NSTs (not glow) are not white, but are a very light gray hue. In terms of actual readability, it's just like a paper book by design. It does require ambient light. I actually prefer it not be bright white to avoid eye strain. I certainly don't have to stand outside to read it though. Perhaps you have a dud?


          Here's an image I've adjusted to more closely show what mine looks like:


          Actual NST screen brightness

          Here's a closeup of one of my actual devices:


          Live NST screen


          I'd suggest you give it a chance by actually reading on it rather than comparing images. The NST gets high marks for usability, including screen clarity (readability) under a variety of lighting conditions short of darkness. It is not a great image viewing device. If you still don't like it, return it. You might find a Kindle Paperwhite more to your liking. If low-light conditions are the problem, check out the NSTG (glow) model, though be aware the background is decidedly blueish. See if you can compare units side-by-side at a local shop before purchasing.


          Good luck, and I hope you find a reader to your liking.