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    Connected but no internet problem.

      First of all, I already readed all the another posts in this community about this issue and I can't find any working solution for me.


      I have the famous problem thah shows the message: Connected but no internet.


      My router is a TP-Link wit open WRT. I have no security and no password, no mac access control, DHCP on, I was reduced the speed of the lan from b+g+n+ to only g or b, I was turned off the Wifi multimedia, I choosed different channels, tried with an static IP... and nothing. I still without Internet access.


      I tried manual update from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1, but the device is not updating. I put the file in the root, wait for a loooong time and nothing happens. The updating tool .zip is erased automatically, but not update applied.


      Any solution please? Thanks.