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    Looking for 1.1.2 Firmware


      I have a Nook Touch (without the light) that someone left out in the rain on me. It works more or less as normal, except the battery only lasts between 4-7 days now. I plan on getting another one but I don't want the latest firmware 1.2.1. Does anyone know where I can get the 1.1.2 firmware? I normally keep a backup of these sorts of things, but I really didn't think B&N would backslide like they did with 1.2.1.

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          The full name of the update is: "nook_1_1_2_update.zip"


          I Googled and found a link here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=34666185


          On the above site, check the link in the message dated 11/28/12:  "It is also still possible to pull the 1.1.2 update file from the official server..."


          I clicked the link and it is still active.



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              Thank you very much. I had scoured the web looking for that, but I never thought about going to a root site. This is going on an external hdd post haste. Hopefully my new one will have this firmware or earlier. I don't think I'll be able to roll back to it if the new one has 1.2.1 preinstalled.


              On a side note... has anyone ever noticed how much better the text is, both in contrast and sharpness, with the plain nook touch 1.1.2 firmware than the 1.1.5 firmware on the nook glow? I don't get why they would release one that looks so much worse when the only thing that changed was the light. At times the text is so bad I have to flip pages back and forth until I get a full refresh. I use my plain jane nook touch far more often because of it. I guess I see it as B&N not really caring.