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    NST Glowlight no longer links to Facebook


      Hi all, I have a NST with Glowlight, bought it last June, and I have had it linked to my Facebook and Twitter accounts since the first day, no problems, I use the feature all the time.  This week I had to change my email address, so I deregistered the device, changed my email address in my bn account online, also changed my email address in my Facebook account, re-registered the device, and now I cannot link the FB account.  The device registered to my bn account using the new email address just fine, populated with all my Nook books, and everything is working just fine, even my Twitter linked up again without any trouble.


      What happens with the Facebook account is this....the first time I tried to link up with FB again after the email changes it didn't work.  It went through all the motions, but it still didn't indicate that my account was linked.  So I went into my FB settings online and deleted the Nook app and then tried to log in on the device again.  This time it knew that it was a new device (because I have new device notifications set in my FB account) and it prompted me to enter the security code that is texted to me.  Great, it's going to work this time, I thought.  It goes through all the motions of asking me to save the browser and everything, but then once I click that last Continue button it brings me back out to the Social page and FB again does not indicate that it is linked.  So I went into my FB settings again on the computer and the Nook app is back!  So the NST is obviously making a connection to my FB acccount but it is not fully linking for some reason.


      I have a support ticket in to B&N since yesterday but nobody has contacted me since then.  I thought maybe someone here may have heard of this very weird problem before and could help.  Thanks for reading this far :smileyhappy:


      Oh, and I forgot to also mention that if I try to login to FB on the Nook using my old email address, it knows that it is a former email address on the FB account because I get a message that says something like "You are trying to log in using an email address that was recently deleted."  It KNOWS that!  So it is connecting to some degree to my FB account, just not all the way.  Weird.



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          I know this isn't of help to you, but last night I tried to share a quote on FB and I got a message that it didn't work.  I checked & FB was not linked.  I know for a fact that it had been linked just a few weeks ago.  I tried repeatedly to link the accout (I am certain I have the right password) to no avail.  I have three Nooks: NST,  NC & HD+ and ity wouldn't work on nay of them.  I rarely use this feature & don't access FB via Nook often, so I'm not sure when this started.  I did unlink and then re-link a few weeks ago; and I tried out the new FB app that appeared not long ago as well.  Perhaps it's a problem on their side?