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      I tried a search on "Shelves" but the search engine gives me old messages and none of them relate to the 2nd generation basic reader (E-Ink).


      1. How do you set up shelves in some way so that they are a useable feature? I can create a shelf, place books on it, and save it. Then when I look at the shelf, only 4-5 of the 20 books are shown. Nothing shows the rest of the books on the shelf. I've tried the fwd and back buttons, I've tried all of the drop downs. The shelf I created isn't on any of the drop downs. All I can do is chose "Shelves" and then the same 4-5 books are shown.


      2. How are folks using the shelves feature or have all of you discovered what I just discovered...that it's a worthless feature?


      The shelves on my First Edition Nook were easy to use. It's a pity that some engineer thought he could devise a better scheme. I have almost 300 books and I can't find what I'm looking for about half the time.




      Eric Johnson

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          First of all, when you click on Shelves, select list mode, not cover display (to the right of the screen, the icon that is five parallel lines, not the one that alternates lines and dots.


          Then you should just see a list of shelf names and the number of books on each.  You can then click on the shelf name to access all books there.


          It is still more trouble to add new books to a shelf than it was on the N1E, but aside from that they're quite usable.

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              MacMcK1957 wrote: quite usable.

              Wow.  What shelves are you using?  I have about 500 books on my Nook.  When I get a new book I have to go to a shelf and then scroll through 97 pages of books to find the one that I just added.  I have absolutely no idea if any of my books aren't on a shelf because there is no option to look at a particular book and see what shelf, if any, it is on.  When adding books to shelves I can't sort by author and I can't do a search.  These are only useable once you have gone through the major hassle of adding the books to shelves.  I have seen hundreds of complaints in the year or so that I've had my NST and the silence from B&N has been deafening.

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                  I said, quite clearly, that the shelving process itself isn't good, but that the shelves are quite usable once the books are shelved. You choose to edit out most of my comment and then attack two words taken out of context. Deezy, have you created a new user name?
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                I only use Shelves for books I have read and enjoyed, and My Files for everything else. 


                All my many books are on the Memory Card in my very own file structure, but I have chosen to copy to NOOK Files a few reference books, such as foreign dictionaries and encyclopedias.  Switching between all three collections is fairly easy.

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                  I just set up a few shelves and haven't had the problem you are describing. 


                  When looking at 'shelves' it shows a page with a couple of shelves and 4 covers from that shelf, but also a page down option to get to the other pages of listings of shelves.  There is a 'see all' option on the right side that lets me look at the books on that particular shelf and I can page down through the list of individual books.


                  For the most part I avoid 'shelves' as it hasn't been all that convenient.

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                    when you are in shelves, to the right there is a see all, just click on that and it will show you all the books on that shelf.