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    BUG: Wishlist Bug on Nook Simple Touch

      I add books to my wishlist on my Nook Simple Touch so I can regularly browse them and sort them by price. This allows me to keep tabs on sales or just buy a book as I can afford. However, this weekend there is the large sale on over 1000 books. So I browsed and purchased some books from my wishlist online. Instead of removing from my wishlist, it just says, "Purchased" next to the book title. So now when I look through my wishlist, I have to shift through a dozen "Purchased" titles before I can finally see the unpurchased items still on my wishlist. Some of these "Purchased" titles are from months ago. Books I also purchased online because it's easier to browse on the Barnes and Noble site. Why don't the titles remove from the wishlist? Why do they have to say, "Purchased"? I know they are purchased. I don't need my wishlist to continually remind me that I bought the book. I see that when I look at my library for a new book to read. 


      This is a bug that needs to be fixed. Through searches on this forum and through Google, I see this has been a problem since at least 2009. Why has this not been addressed and fixed in over 4 years? The wishlist needs to automatically remove the titles once they've been purchased or we need to have an option to removed them ourselves. The checkmark box disappears after it's purchased and there is no way to currently remove the titles.