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    Erase & Deregister Device Simple Touch

      Something happened to my screen on my Simple Touch and the bottom half is completely gray. I had purchased the extra coverage, so B&N has a new nook on it's way, but I'm trying to erase the old one so I can return it. Since the bottom half of the screen is gray, I can't see the button to push to erase it. Can someone post a picture of that screen where I push Erase or Cancel? Or tell me specifically where the button is? TIA!

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          You should be able to erase and deregister remotely via http://mynook.com.


          If you don't have a mynook.com account you'll have to set one up - I think if you use your same email and password as your B&N account and it will automatically link it to your B&N account.  Then you select "Manage My Nook".  When you scroll over the nook you want to deregister, a popup will appear with a link to erase and dereigster the nook.


          Your nook will need to have wifi turned on to do this.  Can you see the part of the nook screen that will let you turn on the wifi?