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    Unresponsive simple touch


      I been having this issue for several months now but it is getting worse.  A nook friend loaned me Hunger Games and the second book in that series.  I read both and returned them.  Apparently they came with other books attached to them like flip pix, wiggle's train adventure, another something art.  I did not buy or borrow these and they do not appear in my library on the nook or the computer.  They are not formatted to work with my nook.  My problem being is they keep coming up when I select other books from my library and then freeze the touch screen.  I have tried restoring my nook which was an adventure because when this is going on the touch screen works randomly and sometimes my nook will not power off completely.  When I finally got it back up and running these books are still there! Eventually by powering down and back I eventually get the book I want to read in the reading now section of the home screen by starting it on  my computer or android.  Several more power downs and such I can keep it on my nook.  I have tried without success to contact support once by email and then in chat but the email basically told me to power down my nook - not helpful and chat disconnected me even though he knew I was having a hard time getting it to restore.  Any ideas?

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          I don't see those listed as books, anywhere.  Actually, they sound more like apps to me than books.  I'm not sure how you would have gotten those on your NST by accepting a LendMe book (I'm assuming you got the books through LendMe since you said you borrowed them and returned them).  And, to my knowledge, there is nothing associated with those book files.


          My guess is that you somehow got a virus or something on your NST.  Have you sideloaded anything?  It seems odd that you would get a malicious program through B&N.  Typically, an intermittent nonresponsive screen is something that can be fixed by cleaning around the edges where the IR sensors are.


          Perhaps erasing and deregistering the device might help since powering down doesn't seem to correct the problem.  If it is a virus, probably not.  If it's just a program that is getting hung up, maybe.


          As far as CS goes, if you have access to a B&N store near you, I'd try that.  I've not had great experience with email/chat/phone CS, but the in store CS has been wonderful.


          Good luck, let us know how it works out for you.