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    Brand new Nook Simple Touch can not connect to WiFi

      Just got a Nook today and I can not even register it because I can not connect to my router. It says excellent signal strength I double checked the password. When I try to connect he screen flashes a few times and goes back to the Chose a Network to Use screen and "Continue with Setup" is grayed out.

      My Wife has the exact same Nook simple touch and has no problems connecting to our wifi and my old Nook "classic" has no problems connecting.

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          I've got the same problem. Bought my NST at Target last night. I have a NSTGlowlight I bought back in May (or June I forget) and never had this issue. Although I cannot see the version of the software my NST is using I believe the likely culprit is the old update 1.1 that seems to have broken some of the WiFi from what I see on the boards here. There is an update but my belief again is that the NST shipped with the bad update (for my router/modem anyway) and so today I'm running over to Starbuck's and am going to do WiFi  there if it will connect and will try to update the software to the 1.1.2 version (or 1.2..I forget). If not but at least I can get it registered then I am going to manually apply the update which I've downloaded off of this website. I'll let you know if this works.


          The help guy last night had no idea and told me to take it back to the store. I can imagine how much fun Target is going to have if all these NST get returned. I hope this is the issue because if it is not I will have to return the NST. I had given my NSTG to my nephew and went back to my Kindles but the price cut for Black Friday had me convinced to try again since my fictionwise books (now that fictionwise is closing) are supposed to be transferred to my Nook library. I have over 700 Fictionwise books and I'm hopeful a good portion will transfer so I thought it was a good time to pick up another Nook and give it another go.


          I'll post later if this was the problem and if it works. I do suspect it is the update issue since this was a widely known issue. 

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              Try taking it to a local public hot spot (McDonalds, Starbucks, B&N) and connect to their wifi to register. You can then update the older firmware to the new one. The newest one just came out (1.2). If it doesn't download the update immediately over wifi you can do it manually by plugging your nook into your computer and downloading the update from bn.com.( the instructions are on the website). I think it was software version 1.1 didn't work with a few routers. Obviously, all nooks that were shipped with 1.1 can't be updated to the newer versions until they are taken out of the box.

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                So I took it to Starbuck's and it connected just fine and YEP it had the 1.1.0 version software which is what is causing the problem as I have the Verizon FIOS router. My NST did NOT automatically or otherwise download the update. Perhaps others' will. 


                I went to Step 2 which is manually drag and drop the update and install 1.1.2.  I found (thanks for posting the links!) the directions to alter the router or do settings and such but with so many other devices connected I really don't want to have to go change a bunch of settings just to get one piece of equipment to work. I seem to be a bit jinxed with technology and I can almost guarantee somethign else will break if I do this. Everyone has their own way of handling so that's an individual choice I just don't think I need to go play around all over in my router/modem's setting to get just this one device to work. I have over 20 other devices connected and not one has given me a problem to date (IPOD's, IPAD's, PSP's, Nintendo DS's, 6 Kindles, Samsung BluRay player, my TV's, and netbooks/laptops). I want to enjoy my weekend not spend it dealing with tech issues (the aforementioned jinx). YMMV. Just being at Starbuck's I ran into several people who came over because they said they have the same issue - so I'm glad this works since I told them what to do. 


                I just downloaded the udpate, followed the instructions on this site, and my Nook is restarting and the new software is installing. The update took a while to go in so be patient. My Nook started up, told me to connect to the Internet, I clicked on the connection, and it worked flawlessly. Problem solved. 


                I can say I did *not* have this issue with the NST GlowLight I got earlier this summer. It appears to be limited (for me) to the NST itself. 


                Good luck to all!





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                I have the same problem, then I cannot get passed the Continue to Setup page.  Merry Christmas!

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                  Same problem here. Can't get passed Choose a Network. Very disappointed for my daughter. On the other hand, the kids bought me a Paperwhite and I'm loading books as we speak.