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    Problem with Book Navigation

      I recently bought the KJV Strong's Bible for the Nook Simple Touch.  I claims to have really good navigation features, such as the ability to go straight to a verse by searching using the book abbreviation, chapter and verse (ex. "ge 12 4" for genesis 12:4).  The problem is that the search function does not work or takes way too long (sometimes upwards to half an hour).  I have had the book for nearly a month now, and the book does say that it can take a short time to index the book and some models may still search slowly, but this is an unreasonable amount of time, and makes me wish I had not bought this version, since the main reason I bought was because of the navigation features.  


      If anyone knows how to pass this issue along to the publisher, or to the team that needs to know about it issue, please let me know, or pass this forward to them.